About Me

I have lived in a small town all my life, and can't imagine having my home anywhere else.  I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost.  I've made plenty of mistakes along my journey through this life, but I have the promise of forgiveness.  I will always be a work in progress and look forward to all the changes set before me.  I have no regrets in my life, and know that any trials I may face only make me stronger.  There is a plan set before me, all I have to do is take the first steps. 

I am married to an incredible man that has me made a better person just being near him.   He holds our family accountable by staying strong in his own beliefs.  There have been many times when I would have given up on a situation where he has persevered to see it through to the end.  I love him more each day, and we've been so blessed in our short time together.

I am a mother to three sweet blessings.  Each has made me see the world in a completely different way.  They each have such a unique personality.   I treasure each minute I have with them because the time will swiftly move by without a hint its happening.  We spend each day together and enjoy the homeschooling environment.  I am not without the occasional complaint, but overall we are truly grateful for the opportunity God has placed in our hands.  I will never tire of hearing the sweet little voices saying "I love you, Mommy!"